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2023.04.27Source: SUNZONE

After the epidemic, the 133rd Canton Fair hits hot

On April 15th, the long-lost 133rd Canton Fair opened in Guangzhou. As the largest session in history, the total exhibition area of this Canton Fair increased to 1.5 million square meters, and the number of offline exhibitors increased to more than 35,000. Merchants from 220 countries and regions gathered in Yangcheng. As one of the exhibitors, SUNZONE brought classic models and new heaters to the Canton Fair. 

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We have observed that with the changes in trade patterns, the current Canton Fair has actually undergone some changes. Judging from the structure of buyers alone, the buyers of the Canton Fair in the past were mainly composed of large foreign importers, but now there are a large number of cross-border e-commerce sellers pouring in, becoming a new force for the buyers of the Canton Fair. As a well-known service platform for cross-border e-commerce, Hugo Cross-border also hopes to continue to organize overseas e-commerce platforms to purchase at the Canton Fair in China

At present, the weakening of foreign demand brought about by high global inflation and sluggish growth of major economies has had a direct impact on China's foreign trade, and the global trade situation still faces many uncertainties, and the pressure of orders faced by Chinese foreign trade enterprises still exists.

During the Canton Fair, Shunzhang Electric has achieved a lot. The company has been established for 28 years. It has been deeply involved in the PTC heater market and has been OEM for honeywell and other big brands all the year round. Let us have a glimpse of the sales team of Shunzhang Electric during this Canton Fair. :

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